Hello, I'm József Klemász

I'm a frontend Web Developer

About Me

I'm a frontend Web developer, with 6+ years of professional experience in web development.
I've helped many small businesses and start ups, to reach their goals by connecting the dots between ideas, code, and design.
I've used many of the latest front-end technologies and industry standards, such as AngularJs, React, Vue.js, altough I've been focusing mainly on Vue.js lately.

Do you have an idea?

My Works

Here are some of my latest public works.

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  • #portfolio
  • #frontend
  • #fullstack
  • #design
  • #opencart
  • #vuejs
  • #mvc
  • #localization
  • #hosting
  • #social

Contact me

József Klemász

Kölcsey Ferenc street 10/A.
Esztergom, 2500

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